How Acupuncture Helps to Allieviate Your Eczema

February 18, 2016
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Although eczema presents itself with external symptoms, it is generally an internal condition. Because acupuncture investigates the root cause of a condition or ailment, it may the perfect solution to help alleviate your unpleasant symptoms of eczema. The cold weather is a common trigger for eczema. Typical symptoms include: dry skin, itching, discoloration, and inflammation. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, eczema is caused by imbalances that exist between  the body and our external environment. Acupuncture aims to restore that balance.  If you are one of the many people who suffer from eczema during the cold winter months, then keep reading this blog to find out how it may help you alleviate your symptoms.

Acupuncture is a minimally invasive form of treatment for eczema

When it comes to skin disorders such as eczema, the acupuncture points are stimulated along the arms, legs, and torso. Superfine needles are used to stimulate these points for at least 10 minutes, depending on the desired effect you prefer.

Acupuncture is a chemical free treatment for eczema

You may have been prescribed an ointment for your eczema symptoms. If they have worked for you, that’s excellent! However, if they haven’t been successful in providing long-term benefits, then it may be time to look for an alternative form of treatment. Unlike the ointments you’ve been prescribed, acupuncture treatments do not involve the any form of chemicals.

You will receive nutritional recommendations to minimize your symptoms

While there is no direct link between diet and eczema, it doesn’t hurt to continuously make improvements to your diet. As your acupuncturist, I will suggest Chinese herbs that will provide you the medicinal benefits you require. These herbs can help alleviate the underlying imbalances that have lead to your eczema. In addition, it is recommended that you boost your intake of fruits and leafy vegetables in order to improve your condition. Eating foods containing probiotics may be helpful in soothing your eczema symptoms as well. All recommendations will be specific to your unique situation and set of symptoms.

Acupuncture alleviates the stress that is associated with eczema

Whether stress is one of the root causes for your eczema or you are stressed because you suffer from eczema, acupuncture treatments can help minimize that stress. Also, the combination of cold weather and eczema can be a horrible one to experience. Acupuncture treatments promote a greater release of endorphins as a means to reduce the stress you are experiencing.  In effect, the functions of your immune system and your endocrine system will also be restored. The placement of the needles will signal the brain to release more endorphins and restore the balance of your immune and endocrine systems.

The cold weather can be unpleasant enough. This winter, don’t let eczema take over your happiness. You can still enjoy the winter without the annoying itch and dry skin. If you’d like to learn more about how I can help, feel free to contact me  to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation session!