Why basketball players use acupuncture

March 24, 2016
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Many basketball fans know that it’s time for NCAA’s March Madness. Whether you’re cheering for your favourite teams or hearing about the tournament in the news, you may not be aware that there are number of basketball players who receive acupuncture treatments. Basketball players have discovered how acupuncture serves as a prime benefit for their career. Continue reading this blog to learn more.

Acupuncture heals basketball related injuries

The strenuous repetitive movements such as pivoting and the occasional aggressive game tactics can lead to a series of injuries for many basketball players. Common injuries include: inflammation, ankle sprains, knee sprains, tendonitis, knee injuries, and muscle strains. Compared to pain medications which only mask the pain, acupuncture is an effective means of directly targeting the pain points in order to speed up the healing process. Acupuncturists strategically insert the needles at the affected areas in order to encourage a greater flow of oxygenated blood so that players can keep doing what they love. Acupuncturists will also employ other techniques directly related to the unique nature of the injury.

Famous basketball players receive acupuncture treatments

Because basketball can bring  serious injuries and potentially lead basketball players to take some time off, it’s not the best option for those players who have chosen to make a career out of the sport. A number of famous NBA players rely on acupuncture as a treatment method that keeps them in the game. Some examples of NBA players include:

Now you may start to look at these players in an even more positive light. You may even have a greater admiration for their ability to stay in the game through their own self care practices of acupuncture.

Basketball players improve their game with acupuncture treatments

Not only is acupuncture a common treatment option for basketball related injuries, but it is also a positive preventative pre-game method to improve their performance on the court. Acupuncture has been effective in helping basketball players to improve their flexibility, balance, and coordination because the channels in the body have regulated a positive sense of equilibrium.  Common pre-treatment practices include the use of 4 or 5 needles combined with moxibustion 1 hour prior to the game.

Acupuncture relieves emotional stress associated with the game

It’s a well known fact that exercise improves endorphins. But within the competitive sphere, famous basketball players can feel a lot of pressure on and off the court. The energy they receive from the crowd combined with personal and group expectations can bring a lot of negative energy that does not belong on the court. Through acupuncture’s ability to promote greater well-being, basketball players can gain better control of their feelings of performance anxiety while feeling confident and focused.


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